High Aspirations in Cannabis?

by Brian S. Whalen, CPA January 22, 2019 Cannabis, Cannabis Business, Dispensary, Legal

  The cannabis industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States, with $9 billion in revenues in 2017

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Cannabis Business Entities – Choose Carefully

by Brian S. Whalen, CPA January 09, 2019 § 280E, Accounting, Cannabis, Cannabis Business, Legal

  To address all of the factors that go into selecting an entity, we would need a book that references

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Cannabis Management Companies – What Your Lawyer Isn’t Telling You

by Brian S. Whalen, CPA December 05, 2018 § 280E, Accounting, Cannabis, Dispensary, IRS, Legal, Tax

  Time and again we get questions about what we like to call “musical entities”.  “Management company” this, and “holding

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