6 Priorities for Your Cannabis Business

by Brian S. Whalen, CPA January 20, 2019 § 280E, Accounting, Cannabis Business, Compliance, Cost Accounting, Internal Controls, IRS, Tax

  Get Your Priorities in Order The cannabis industry is the fastest growing, most rapidly changing, overly complex industry in

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Is Your Cannabis Management Company a Ticking Time-Bomb?

by Brian S. Whalen, CPA December 27, 2018 § 280E, Cannabis, IRS, Legal, Tax

  Do you have a cannabis “management” company which is doing either of these things: Making transactions for the benefit

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Who’s in CONTROL of Your Cannabis Company?

by Brian S. Whalen, CPA December 17, 2018 Cannabis, COGs, Dispensary, Internal Controls

  Auditors may ask you for your internal controls procedures, and we don’t want that to be the first time

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