Hemp & Cannabis – A new Sheriff in Town?

by Brian S. Whalen, CPA December 21, 2018 § 280E, Cannabis, Cannabis Substances Act (CSA), CBD, DEA, FDA

With industrial hemp no longer scheduled under the Controlled Substances Act, or under the jurisdiction of the DEA as of

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CBD is Almost Legal!?

by Brian S. Whalen, CPA December 01, 2018 § 280E, Cannabis, CBD, DEA, IRS

Any day now (now is December 18′) the 2018 Farm Bill might pass, and it intends to legalize the cultivation

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DEA Finally Acknowledges CBD’s Medicinal Value

by Brian S. Whalen, CPA September 28, 2018 Accounting, Cannabis, CBD, DEA, Tax

Open the flood gates!? In a major development, on September 27th, 2018, the DEA lowered a lone CBD medicine (Epidiolex)

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